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Public tire texture 1.0

5 July 2013 GTA 4
Texture tires, what do we know about them? Much: D Features: • 6 different textures • 5 different manufacturers • Excellent quality (for tires) Installation: 1. Run (or install) OpenIV 2. Allow "Edit" files 3. Open the vehicles.img...

New SPXENB V2 (Based From L3EVO 2012)

6 July 2012 GTA 4
Spxenb v2 What's New? New colors of the sunrise More stars Fix Pedestrian reflections in rainy weather Fix Lost Textures Installation: files from the folder spxenb v2 (quality Folder) throw in the folder with the game, in the archive there a...

New Texture For Bohan Savehouse

23 June 2012 GTA 4
New textures Bohan at home. The house is completely changed, beautiful interior, in general we look at the screen and swing!

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