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New mods and files

Lada Granta Hatchback [Tuning]

19 February 2019 Files for GTA 5
Lada Granta Hatchback for GTA 5. Features: - High-quality and detailed model; - 3D suspension, bottom and engine; - Work doors; - The glass is broken; - Correct car proportions; - The hands of the character on the steering...

Uncharted 4 Assault Rifle

Assualt rifle from uncharted 4 for GTA SA. Features: - High quality model; - The correct position of the weapon in the hands; - Replaces the M4. Have a nice game!


19 February 2019 Files for GTA 4
AKs74u for GTA 4. Features: - High quality model; - The correct position of the weapon in the hands. Have a nice game!

Declasse Impaler Super Sedan

19 February 2019 Files for GTA 4
Declasse Impaler Super Sedan for GTA 4. Features: - High quality model; - High-quality envelope; - Properly configured materials; - Work lights; - Custom LODs; - User conflict. Have a nice game!

Mitsubishi L300

Mitsubishi L300 for GTA SA. Features: - Model of average quality; - High-quality envelope; - Optics in the style of SA; - LCD interior; - Customized materials; - Template + OBJ. Have a nice game!

New buttons in the style of GTA 5

New Button GTA V for Mobile for GTA SA: Mobile. Features: - High quality buttons; - Beautiful design. Installation: Extract the folder "mobile" in android / data / com rockstargames.gtasa / files / texdb / Have a n...

Taxi from Resident Evil

Raccoon City TAXI for GTA SA! Features: - Beautiful body; - Supports all major game functions; - Fixed some bugs; - The car goes well with the atmosphere of the game.

Resident Evil 6 Javo Sniper Rifle

Javo's Sniper Rifle from Resdeint evil 6. Medium quality textures Resident evil 6 was not given the opportunity to shoot from this rifle. The optimal position in the hand and have their own icon.

Resident Evil Lugger: The Darkside chronicles

Luger from Resident evil: The Darkside chronicles for GTA San Andreas, also in the archive there is a gold Luger (Gold Luger), like Steve in Resident evil: Code Veronica. Each Luger has its own icon, a shot is set up, but there is a problem with t...

Mated 1 of Resident evil: Revelations

The first version of Sochiva (Ooze) from Resident Evil: Revelations. The skeleton is well tuned: the mouth moves, the tentacle remains in place of the head after the headshot. It can be useful for DYOM missions or just for free play.
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