These people work for you

Right now on the website team 36 persons, but you have the opportunity to get into it.


Administrators are playing a key role in the development of the site, and also punish violators and solve global issues.

  • Evgenii Sokolov
  • Redmon
  • Stalxer
  • Steam_shady

  • Chief examiners

    The Chief examiner monitors the order in the file archive and coordinates the work of ordinary examiners.

  • Aptos
  • DtCreater
  • Super Prisoner
  • skgzero
  • smalloff

  • Global moderators

    Global moderators have all the capabilities of and ordinary moderators, the chief auditor, and some administrator functions. They are keeping the order on the website, coordinate the work of the moderators and take an active part in the development of the site.

  • xam_xam

  • Moderators

    Moderators clean comments from spam, offtopic and flooding and warn violators. If the moderator does not appear on the site for more than a week, then he is automatically excluded from the group.


    These mod makers have chosen LibertyCity for their files publications. If the modmaker has not added a single file during last six months or has not visited the site for more than a month, he is automatically excluded from the group.

  • -JaDiE-
  • 1826
  • =SpitFire=
  • AnriTool
  • Artem.
  • Artem_kostromi
  • Bryxanov1337
  • Cowboy69
  • Dmitrii_Mods
  • GeniusZ
  • Liimert
  • Mad_Driver
  • Naloger
  • Shagg_E
  • USF
  • VitalRus
  • YOCHIThMaster333
  • aleks926820
  • daniel 360
  • emexD
  • vanchik92
  • vladvo
  • Говорить
  • Правильный перевод
  • Recruitment of modmakers group. If you are the creator of high-quality modifications, you want to get a special status and special rights when adding files on this site, then contact us.