Did you think GTA 5 has the biggest map among all Rockstar games? Or do you believe that GTA Online holds the distinction of being the most expansive and content-rich online world in the series? Whatever it is! While you read these lines, in the depths of the studio work is in full swing on the sixth part of Grand Theft Auto. What can we anticipate from GTA 6? How many protagonists will it feature? And, most importantly, when will it be released? We will try to answer all these questions on this page (the information is updated, so bookmark it and come back later). Thus, acquaint yourself with Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Release date

Let's start, of course, with the most important thing — the release date of GTA 6. Forecasts within the financial realm of Take-Two, the publisher overseeing under whose wing Rockstar Games develop this game since 2015, point towards record-breaking "financial efficiency" indicators projected for 2025. The zenith of advertising expenditures is anticipated in 2024. As the timeline advances from 2024 to 2026, we can expect a sudden announcement and a quick release of GTA 6. The publisher does not intend to delay the promotion.

Rockstar Games first commented on rumors surrounding the forthcoming installment in August 2022, subsequent to an extensive leak that featured screenshots and videos captured from the 2020 iteration of GTA 6. This breach in security did not impede the studio's plans and the pace of development. The unveiled segments of the game likely remained unaltered and unmodified. We can't show the videos themselves, but you can take a look at some of the footage taken from these videos.

Each generation of consoles had its own GTA, so there is no doubt that the sixth part will be released in the coming years. According to established tradition, the debut of Grand Theft Auto 6 will first take place for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Almost everyone, from insiders to fans, is sure that the PC version might necessitate a year-long wait post the console launch.

Take-Two Interactive is a publisher that likes to republish old hits on new platforms. GTA 5 is out for PS5 and XSX, so in 2030 or later we will see Grand Theft Auto 6 on the next PlayStation and Xbox.

System requirements

Even though GTA 6 has not yet been announced, it is already possible to speak with some confidence about its system requirements, relying on the power of current-gen consoles and Rockstar Games' latest creation — Red Dead Redemption 2.

Almost certainly, optimal performance for GTA 6 would entail an 8-core processor clocked at 3.5 GHz, accompanied by 16 GB of RAM. A video card like RTX3070 with 8 GB or 6700XT with 12 GB of video memory, as well as from 300 to 500 GB on a high-speed SSD disk will be suitable for running GTA 6. For 2025, in conjunction with a high-speed SSD ranging from 300 to 500 GB. Considering the time frame stretching to 2025, this hardware will be five years old, so the requirements are acceptable.

But do not forget that Grand Theft Auto VI is a massive product designed for a large audience. Hence, the majority of gamers should find themselves capable of experiencing the game on low or medium graphics settings.

Place of action — Vice City

Confessing the leak, Rockstar thereby confirmed that the main action of GTA 6 will unfold in Vice City, a locale drawing inspiration from Miami. As follows from the early materials of the game, the metropolis is massive: business and banking centers, shopping and entertainment complexes, neighborhoods with villas and access to the sea, a huge port, residential areas, and Haitian-Cuban ghettos.

And there is a lot of water around — private pools, canals, meandering waterways, rivers, lagoons. Knowing Rockstar, the gameplay will certainly not do without underwater escapades, offering treasure hunts and exploration beneath the seabed, which will be detailed no worse than the rest of the game world. Imagine the transformative impact on heists and police evasion when the complex and intricate canal network of Vice City allows for on-the-fly transitions between jet skis, boats, speedboats, and yachts! It's not for nothing that the company has assembled a team of 20 people to implement the complex water physics.

Lots of highways will connect different areas of Vice City, but for quick movement, the company is preparing a full-fledged metro system with stations, schedules, and loads during rush hours. The simulation of life will reach a new level for the series.

How big is the city in GTA 6? We know that Rockstar likes to exceed expectations, so Vice City will obviously be gigantic and will surely surpass Los Santos from GTA 5.

GTA 6 Map

Until now (autumn 2023), the complete GTA 6 map remains concealed from leaks. However, this did not stop the fans. They studied the leaked footage for several months, comparing roads and buildings with a map of Miami. The expanse of GTA 6's locale far surpasses the dimensions of the GTA 5 map.

It won't end in the Vice City. The latest rumors claim that Rockstar is preparing a dozen smaller settlements. Here are their names:

  • Port Gellhorn;
  • Ambrosia;
  • Redhill;
  • LO;
  • Sundown;
  • Сopperhead;
  • Yorktown;
  • Lake Leonida;
  • Ekanfinika;
  • Hamlet;
  • Domed Hills.

It is impossible to say for now whether these locations will be an inseparable part of the game world. According to rumors, we are waiting for a separate placement for the prologue and another for the plot development in split-apart missions outside the United States (like the Northern Yankton from GTA 5).

As in the last part of the series, between Vice City and the borders of the map, the player will encounter a variety of diverse natural and territorial landscapes. Meadows and woodlands, marshes and farmlands, desert expanses and coastal strips, subterranean caverns, lakes, and lofty peaks will brim with indigenous fauna, infusing the world with life.

GTA 6 News

Follow the news about GTA 6 in our news feed. By doing so, you won't miss the announcement of the game and the first official information from Rockstar Games. Additionally, we cover leaks and feature other significant news items.

Leaks and Speculations Surrounding GTA 6

Numerous players tend to approach rumors with skepticism. However, history demonstrates that there often exists a kernel of truth within such leaks: Grand Theft Auto VI is slated to be set in a modern Vice City, and one of the main protagonists will be a woman.

A historical moment can be considered a large-scale leak of videos and screenshots of the 2020 prototype of the game, which happened in 2022. Rockstar Games did not deny anything and fully confirmed the fact of the leak.

Shortly it became clear that a 17-year-old hacker, who had previously hacked the Uber service, was behind the leak. His subsequent fate is sad: he was declared mentally ill and unable to stand trial on his own.

UFO and Bigfoot in GTA 6

To the question "Do games by Rockstar have anything in common?" any ardent fan would promptly respond with UFOs and Bigfoot. These two iconic Easter eggs initially stirred curiosity within the realm of GTA San Andreas (even though they were not physically present), and then they appeared in GTA 5. It's not surprising that we will see them in GTA 6.

The advent of UFOs and Bigfoot within GTA 6 came to light through leaked game footage. One particular screenshot disclosed a list of in-game events, where "UFO" and "SnukApe" lines was. "Skunk Monkey" — that's what Bigfoot called in Florida.

Engine and Visuals in GTA 6

Within Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar Games persists in utilizing its RAGE engine, a foundation initially established by GTA 4 and then received huge updates with the release of GTA 5 and RDR 2. It's the right technical solution — RAGE feels great on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; it passed the test on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles with remastered GTA 5, and it pleases with good optimization on PC.

GTA 6 graphics will, of course, become much more realistic. Rockstar uses the latest technologies, so it will become difficult to find fault with the virtual city. And thanks to the mods that you can download from our website, the game will become simply photorealistic!

If you are confused by the graphics quality of the leak, then know — literally, everything on the release will be more colorful and detailed. To be sure it's enough to find comparisons between the early and final versions of the studio's past games. As soon as the first GTA 6 trailer emerges, you will see all the beauty the studio is preparing now.

The PC version, of course, will be significantly different from its console versions. In terms of graphics, GTA 6 on PC will surpass all other versions thanks to high-resolution support, improved textures, high-quality effects, the play of illumination and shadow, and a more detailed environment.

Jason and Lucia — the main characters of GTA 6

GTA 5 has made a big revolution and proved that three protagonists at the same time make the gameplay more fabulous and diverse. Furthermore, the developers successfully implemented a sophisticated character-switching mechanism, facilitating transitions during missions and within the realm of free play. Rockstar Games has opted to persist in their experimentation with multiple protagonists in the forthcoming GTA installment.

Footage leaked from GTA 6 has unveiled two probable central figures — Jason (a resident) and Lucia (a Latin American). Rumors about the heroine-girl have been going around for a very long time. And if earlier such a step was quite risky, now the concept of several main characters negates all the risks. If you want — play for an attractive girl. Else — switch to a man!

Lucia emerges as an attractive female character, inspiring a myriad of artistic creations from zealous fans. We'll showcase solely the most innocuous renditions here, but it's worth noting that the elusive "strawberry" imagery can readily be uncovered across the internet.

Insider information intimates that Rockstar Games might have drawn inspiration from the chronicles of Bonnie and Clyde — a famed American criminal duo that thrived during the Great Depression. This narrative twist, situated within the contemporary and sun-soaked backdrop of Vice City, exudes an irresistible allure.

The functionality of appearance and wardrobe management will not be inferior to the cowboy saga — we mean a dynamic system of hair and beard growth from RDR 2. Our protagonists will need to frequent hair salons periodically, offering choices for hairstyles, beards, and mustaches, or, if so inclined, cultivate a truly audacious appearance.

The plot of GTA 6

Almost nothing is known about the plot of GTA 6 for September 2023. Anticipate the usual array of heists, audacious thefts, carjackings, and notably, the commandeering of merchant and other vessels (akin to piracy). The narrative will be set in contemporary times — evident through the replication of modern vehicle models and the overall pertinent and relevant ambiance.

We know nothing about the main antagonist and other indispensable characters. However, the plot will not do without multiple characters with a worked-out background, motivation, and goals in life — this is in the spirit of Rockstar. GTA 6 events transpire within the same universe as its predecessors, ensuring that renowned personalities from GTA 5 and Vice City are poised to leave their indelible imprints.

Unlike previous games, the narrative of GTA 6 will abstain from jests targeting vulnerable societal groups, the emblematic dark humor, taunting, and satirical undertones in both cutscenes and dialogues. This isn't to say that the storyline will be bereft of substance — the screenwriters possess ample scope to denounce unsavory individuals.

Vehicles in GTA 6

The vehicle roster in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto iteration is poised to establish itself as the most extensive in the series' history. But, after all the variety of GTA Online cars, Rockstar is unlikely to be able to impress GTA 6 players. After the leak, it became clear that the creators will use cars from all past GTA and GTA Online, having modified them, while also introducing brand new models. So, attentive fans saw the Toyota RAV 4 with design elements from Lexus NX. We expect the appearance of Ford, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Chrysler cars, loosely reworked in the style of Rockstar.

More truck fleet, heightened customization opportunities, revamped car physics, and an advanced damage model. There was a rumor on the web that the police would be made more aggressive and intelligent as compensation. Cops transmit the number of suspicious cars to colleagues on the walkie-talkie and learn how to calculate criminals by CCTV cameras. If this transpires, you'll be compelled to employ not just one, but three cars to conclude a task without arousing suspicion, all while utilizing counterfeit license plates.

However, Rockstar can still surprise players if it expands the quantity of motorcycles, ATVs, and aquatic transport. Wide GTA 6 areas with their dense buildings and narrow streets that turn into sea, waterways and vice versa, as if they themselves require it. Finally, the appearance of unusual gadgets that open up new ways of movement — for example, a jetpack, a wingsuit, or a grappling hook — is not excluded.

GTA 6 Music

As of 2023, the recording process for the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto installment's music is well underway. Rockstar is poised to furnish players with an array of radio stations encompassing diverse genres, replete with hours of distinct musical content. While the majority of these compositions will originate from lesser-known artists, the inclusion of tracks by established stars is anticipated. Among these, listeners can anticipate renditions of hits by artists such as Eminem, Childish Gambino, Nirvana, Bob Marley, and Guns N'Roses. Notably, the involvement of 50 Cent remains unconfirmed, at least up to this point.

According to rumors, American producer and singer Timbaland (Timothy Mosley) is collaborating with Rockstar's music recording division. Timbaland plays a pivotal role in determining the musical direction and thematic content of the compositions. This collaboration stems from a longstanding relationship between the artist and the studio, dating back to 2009, thus signifying a continuation rather than an inaugural partnership.

GTA 6 Gameplay

After carefully analyzing the leak of 2022, fans concluded that Rockstar significantly deepened all the basic game mechanics, overhauling or reworked some of them. The shooting mechanics will amalgamate the most successful solutions from both GTA 5 and RDR 2 — for example, it will be possible to change the leading hand. The once boundless inventory will now be confined to a set number of slots. Eight are in stock and two more slots can be obtained at the expense of the bag. Lugging around an entire arsenal is not an option.

Moreover, an armed protagonist will visibly carry a weapon either on their shoulder or belt, thereby giving himself away. Dev's will remove the guns and money auto-collection from the corpses — grab everything yourself. Some rumors say GTA 6 will introduce stealth elements for the first time in the series. So, during nighttime, players will navigate with a flashlight in one hand and wield a lightweight weapon in the other.

We are waiting for even more mini-games in a single-player mode (golf, tennis, go-karting, darts, photo hunting, bowling, and beyond) and secondary tasks (urban and off-road monster truck races, robberies, buying and selling real estate, and so on). If the rumors about the new life simulation system are true, genuinely random events will occur in the game world. Some noise happens here and now and does not repeat any more, and you could wedge into it.

GTA 6 Multiplayer

Undoubtedly, Rockstar Games will continue to develop its online service GTA Online, but with GTA 6 world and its unique features in the core. Now it's difficult to say if players' online profiles will be carried over to the next part or if you will have to register a new account — follow the news.

We can safely assume that we are waiting for more fascinating online championships, incredible opportunities to create our own missions and customize heroes, recurrent events with tempting prizes, and, of course, permanent DLC with fresh vehicles, functionalities, and missions.

GTA Online will become the heart of Grand Theft Auto 6, considering the online mode stands as the primary revenue stream for Rockstar. The developers will try to make it the most attractive for players. Unfortunately, because of this, many GTA 6 multiplayer features will not be available in the single-player campaign.

What do we want to see in GTA 6?

Of course, GTA 6 will be a grand creation. Rockstar will once again release a one hundred percent masterpiece. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list of the most desirable options that players would like to see in the sixth part:

  • Interior and Exterior Customization of Properties: The capacity to intricately tailor both the interior and exterior of owned properties.
  • Zoo and Multiplayer Animal Interaction: The integration of a zoo, complete with the inclusion of animals akin to those in GTA 5, extending to multiplayer realms.
  • Enhanced Environmental Destructibility: Heightened destructibility of surrounding structures and objects.
  • Illicit Substance Trading System: Incorporation of a substance trade mechanism akin to GTA: Chinatown Wars.
  • Inclusion of Jetpack: Reintroduction of the jetpack apparatus.
  • Dating Mechanics: The ability to engage in dating interactions.
  • Expanded Building Entry: The opportunity to access a greater number of buildings, ideally on par with the level of GTA San Andreas.
  • Casino Gaming and Sports Clubs: Participation in casino games and attendance of sports clubs.
  • Underground Trading Establishment: A prospect to establish an underground trading enterprise, with potential police interventions.
  • Lodging at Motels and Hotels: The ability to reside within motels and hotels.
  • Enhanced Police AI: Elevated artificial intelligence for law enforcement, including the utilization of shields when confronted with a "five-star" situation.
  • Military Involvement: Inclusion of military intervention at the apex of a "six-star" pursuit level.
  • Realistic Economy: A dynamic economy system with businesses, stocks, and opportunities for virtual entrepreneurship.
  • Detailed Physics: Realistic physics for vehicles, objects, and interactions, enhancing realism and immersion.
  • Continued Satire and Social Commentary: Like previous GTA games, players may anticipate satirical humor and commentary on real-world issues.