The Classics 104.1  
The Classics 104.1 for GTA 3
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E-mail / website: Unknown
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File uploaded by: Colt1911
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Classical mixes of the old hip-hop school in its pure form, behind the microphone - DJ Premier himself.
Installation: we find the folder Audio in the directory GTA3. We find the file GAME. We copy it just in case. The file from the archive is dropped into the Audio folder. On the replacement question we answer yes. Have a good game!
The Classics 104.1 for GTA 3
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Classic City V 1.0

21 August 2012 GTA 3
A great addition to GTA 3! You can be saved anywhere (only not during the mission), in the menu. Now near Portland there will be a new locality in the style of the 30s, the plot of the game is altered, there is a new weapon (not all), also in the sty...

Back to the Future: Liberty City

9 January 2013 GTA 3
Back to the Future: The Liberty City mod for Grand Theft Auto III is based on the Trilogy Back to the Future, allowing the player to reproduce all the important moments from the film. Some cases have been changed in order to make it more interesting ...

GTA III Broker v0.1 beta

12 April 2014 GTA 3
GTA III Broker v0.1 beta. This is a modification that transfers Broker from GTA IV to GTA III. This modification is suitable for owners of very weak PCs. You must start the game only with gta3_eng.exe !!! READ MUST readMe !!! Th...

ENBseries Setting by NeTw0rK 1.0

25 May 2012 GTA 3
Realistic reflections, bloom, motion blur blend perfectly with the atmosphere of GTA 3. Also there are new explosions, new weather, fire, smoke, water, cartridges and much more! (Hud.txd (HD) Particle.txd (HD) Timecyc.dat Particle.cfg) Scree...

GTA 3 mini v1.1

19 August 2012 GTA 3
Management: ESC - Exit the game F1 - About the game F4 - Fullscreen mode F5 - Save F6 - Download F9 - Screenshot Cars: Kuruma Mafia Sentinel Yardie Lobo Rumpo Banshee Infernus Bobcat Stallion Linerun Police History: Version 1.1...

GTA] I [: Kostygov City. BETA2.1.

22 June 2014 GTA 3
Global modification for gta3. Replaces the game card on the fictional city of Kostygov City. I make this city alone, which explains the rather long and painstaking work. Nevertheless ... -Installation- - We take a clean gta3. I strongly advise ...

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Nights (BETA 1)

21 July 2014 GTA 3
Have you ever dreamed of how would it feel to play a game that mixes both racing and openworld freedom genres?Liberty City Nights is the definite answer to that dream..4 Years of working, testing, releasing of beta versions; and finally, we have a to...

Edo from GTA Criminal Russia Demo 0.1.5

4 February 2018 GTA 3
Edo from GTA Criminal Russia Demo 0.1.5 Exclusive for the site libertycity.ru CONVERSION IN GTA 3 APPROVED AND RESOLVED MIXAZZZ - Project Manager of GTA Criminal Russia. Moved the location to three - aleks926820. Textures h...

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iSanta,для начала только для Game две замены-класикс и бит. Во-вторых,замена Липс уже есть. Внимательнее посмотри.В-третьих,никто не мешает переименовать тебе этот файл.
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comment written on, 13 January 2013, 23:35
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Может всё на GAME поставишь? У тебя радиостанций мало? Лучше бы поставил на LIPS.
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Как я понял, ты адаптируешь радио из четверки для тройки? Молодец, оживляешь раритет. +
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