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HD Pager

1 August 2013 GTA 3
A new texture for Claude's pager in HD and as close as possible to the original. The texture size is 1024 * 1024. In the archive, there are two options for installing the mod: replacing hud.txd and manually replacing the textures.

Video about the fashion of GTA 3 HD

28 February 2013 GTA 3
So, I present you my video about the fashion for GTA 3 - GTA 3 HD. This is not an overview, and not a big film. Strictly do not judge, this is my first video for this site. If you like it I will be shooting a new video. Leave comments. Enjoy watching...

OnePiece GTA 3 HD Font v1.2

24 February 2013 GTA 3
Everyone may already have seen the new HD font from OnePiece, right? And many were disappointed by the fact that the font is only in English. But this mod corrects this fact! Now, there is also the Russian language, and with this font you can play in...

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