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17 December 2012 GTA 4
Mod, which transfers the game GTA 3, to the engine GTA 4 !!! Watching the video! P.S. I add, because on Libertycity.ru there is (like) this fashion !!!

Vice City Rage Classic

15 November 2015 GTA 4
Vice City Rage Classic (Beta 4) - The last and final update from the RAGE Team, this time without HD models and textures (for Classic). Added new vehicles, pedestrians, Tommy skins, many bug fixes and much more ... Supports only GTA IV

GTA III Bravado Banshee HD

26 May 2015 GTA 4
GTA III Bravado Banshee HD for GTA 4 Pros: -If the burst bus is normal; -The corpse rushes; -Textures of high quality; -Fully acting suspension; -Rukes on the handlebars; -Quality model from OnePiece; -There are extras Cons: -Ther...

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