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Safecracking, Flying out of a car in a Crash, and a Golf Club — The Best Mods for GTA San Andreas Mobile

22 June 2022

We present you our newest top of the greatest mod for mobile version of GTA San Andreas. These will add some new content and additional features and make the game a little bit better.


The developers of the original GTA San Andreas planned to implement safecracking, but this mechanic was absent from the game. Modder andre500 brought back the cut content.

In order to engage in cracking safes, you need to run the robber's mission. You will need to go to the safe at the house. The cracking will be presented as a mini-game. Players have to turn the toggle switch by clicking on the corresponding parts of the screen. The sound will help to understand whether the cracking is going good or not.

If you managed to open the safe, you will receive from 30 to 80 thousand dollars.

Flying out of a car in a Crash

Many GTA fans remember how Niko Bellic flies out of the car in almost all fast speed collision. Modders Artem240220 and skrip added this physics feature to GTA San Andreas. The mod only works for CJ.

Mission Skip

An extremely useful modification from andre500 if you do not want to go through some kind of mission in GTA San Andreas. It is recommended to save before using the mod.

Golf Club

Modder TiChoBikanul added a golf club to GTA San Andreas similar to the one from GTA 5. The mod adds new content to the map and does not damage its integrity.

PS2 Version and Fixes

The atmosphere of GTA San Andreas on PlayStation 2 may be called unique. This pack of mods allows you to feel it on mobile devices. The mod adds textures, effects, a map and other features from the PlayStation 2 version to GTA San Andreas. The build has also a list of fixes for the game.

Night Zombie

A worthy zombie mod from modder IDJEI turns GTA San Andreas into a survival game with the living dead. There are different types of zombies, survival elements, special cars, shelters — everything that fans of the genre will like. At the moment, a beta version of the mod is available for download.

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