Night Zombie 0.4 (beta)  
Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android)
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File size: 15.08 Mb
File replaces: andre.csa, armor.csi, ...
File uploaded by: IDJEI
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Night Zombie 0.4 (Beta)
Author: Vitaliy Sharapov (vk.com/idjei).
Installation: folder com.rockstargames.gtasa move, in sdcard0 / android / data

1) Added / modified zombies, now 2 scripts to choose a zombie.
2) A house with a carpark was added.
3) Added a zombie machine that is armed to the teeth!
4) Added fixes for machines in the form of gas stations.
5) Added 2 Cleo missions, will complement.
6) Added special zombies, their 4
7) Changed the sky.
8) Death is changed.
9) Added a backpack, which after death remains on the place where you died, you can not put it back.
10) Added RPG, and something similar to the wings for Sparrow (you can shoot with it)
11) Added Final Beta mission, in which you need to kill the Zombie boss.
12) Xp for special machines: Monster - 10.000 hp, Dodje - 20.000 hp, Sparrow - 5000 hp, Bloodra - 10.000 hp.
Also all TC, except Dodje zatunin to the teeth!
13) Wheels for Dodje are delivered.
14) Added quest, in which you need to find the key that shows the location of the boss.
15) The zombies are strengthened.
16) Added the choice to play for: Truth, Ofyst.
17) Added yoga, which restores hp.

19) Nows are delivered: their 20, 14 nyochek already known to you! They are shown on your map (in the form of a pistol).
20) Since busting in your scripts is not recommended, since GTA can fly out. This is done specifically so that you do not use cheats.
21) To shoot with special machines - Monster - 1 + 5 rpg, laser random minigun - 1 + 7. Sparrow - 1 + 5 rpg, Bloodra - 1 + 5 rpg.
22) Possibility to buy food, beer (it can be purchased in the Cleo menu).
-Price: 100 $
-Pizza price: 70 $
-Price burger: 60 $
-Price of beer: 150 $
23) Time is always on 0.0
24) It is possible to light a fire to light it, you need to go into the Cleo menu and select - Koster.csi, and then 1 + 6 (zone on the screen).
25) Want to survive? Go to the Cleo menu, select save.csi - 2 + 7 (zone on the screen)
26) Replaced icons on the map - weapons. Icons were moved from the PC version.

1) Fixed a bug with TC, on a modified Monster machine, the missile object will be saved while saving, unfortunately I can not fix it. The way out is to remove the rear rocket, but it's dear to me

3) In the house lattices are added, they serve as a collision.
4) Removed the save in the house, instead of it a bed.
5) Added a new bed.
6) Removed weapons when the game starts
7) Added Speed ​​Hack to the special machine Monster
8) Changed lattices in the house.
9) Added 2 trees near the house
10) The house is also a tree, it looks nice.
11) The house added something in the form of a collision, you now do not fail.
12) Added armor that can be seen.
13) Removed a rocket of fire that was behind the monster.
14) Sparrow removed additional wings
These objects were removed, as with the new conservation they spawn two times, thereby they are suspended in the air.
15) Added a normal backpack that can be removed to remove the open Cleo menu
16) Added armor that can be removed to remove the opening Cleo menu
17) Added Andre, Tipo friend Cj will, it can be taken to his gang.
18) Added armory near the shed, weapons paid: $ 10,000. Weapon List: Chainsaw, Shotgun - 1000 rounds, AK47 - 1000 rounds.
A) Possibility to drink whiskey, price $ 200
After you go to the toilet, if you are buxom then you will become sober.
C) The ability to smoke a cigar, the price is 50 $
D) The ability to snatch, there is sound.
19) Added a crazy suit, it is given after buying a weapon (weapons near the barn)
20) Removed the opening nychki (gun marker)
21) The balance of all weapons that are in the tags is changed
22) The number of nows is increased, now there are 34.
23) Added machine for boost. Location - look for yourself!)
24) The machines are arranged according to LS, there are 30 of them
25) Added Cleo mission: "Bandit", "Hill"
26) Added armored car bullet, location: Grove Street.
27) Added a tarmac, it is located near the mountain Chilliad.
28) Added grills on Grove Street.
29) Added help of old friends with Cj, their location on Vinewood
Their names are: Vint, Djo
Djo - weapons Shotgun, machine zr350, hp he: 2000 xp.
Vint - weapons Ak47, machine patriot, hp at the machine: 5000, hp at it: 2500 xp, the car is equipped with off-road wheels.
30) Removed the permanent inscription, which reminded of the package, now only at the beginning of the game it will appear for 2 seconds, and after it disappears.

32) A script for FPS, which raises the performance.
33) Added a T-shirt with the name of the pack.
34) Added a motel with survivors.
35) On a special machine under the name Monstera you can accelerate - 1 + 9 (zone on the screen).
36) Hunger is added.
37) and other changes

P.S1. In the saves there is mapping, thus the scripts are not stable. If you want to play in full comfort, start a new game.
P.S2.If the texture is being bogged, delete the txd folder.

For all questions: vk.com/idjei
Link to the project: https://vk.com/sanightzombie

The author of the modification: IDJEI (vk.com/idjei)
Special thanks:
Have a good game).

Past versions:
Http://vk.com/wall-147314266_13 - beta 0.1
Http://vk.com/wall-147314266_36 - beta 0.2
Http://vk.com/wall-147314266_81 - beta 0.3
Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android)Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #2Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #3Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #4Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #5Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #6Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #7Night Zombie 0.4 (beta) for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #8
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comment written on, 26 February 2018, 12:49
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Денис Зачинов
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Вылетает на Lenovo tab 7 1Essential

Заработало, но, как по мне мод не нравится((
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comment written on, 18 January 2018, 18:32
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я не понял как скачать, у меня нету вот этого sdcard0/android/data
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Рома Решетов
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найс лови лойс супер мод
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