Counted all the details from the GTA 6 trailer - the number of people, animals, and vehicles

7 December 2023

This week, Rockstar Games presented the first trailer for GTA 6, which immediately caused a lot of hype on the internet and even managed to set a new record on YouTube. We decided to count all the details found in this clip.

  • Animals: flamingos (32), alligators (5), Chihuahuas (1);
  • People: crazies (5), rednecks (12), topless (30), twerking (6), parties (9), total people (500+);
  • Transport: cars (389), water (5), aviation (17);
  • Miscellaneous: moles on Lucia's body (56), cops (15), weapons (5).

We remind you that the release of GTA 6 is planned for 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The main action will take place in the fictional state of Leonida (modeled after the state of Florida), in which Vice City will serve as the in-game city.

You can familiarize yourself with a detailed breakdown of the trailer here.

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