GTA 6 first trailer breakdown - new information and confirmed leaks

5 December 2023
Mad Knight

GTA 6 trailer was released early, so Rockstar Games did not delay and released the official video on its channel. The video is small — only a minute and a half. However, there is a lot of information in it. What have we learned about the game, and which of the previously known information was confirmed? Now we will tell you everything.

Love like a dream

Let's start with the obvious — visuals. Many users note that the wow-effect of the game does not cause. Rockstar Games is famous for recording most of its trailers on the game's engine, which means that in front of us, even if embellished, but actual graphics.

On first impressions GTA 6 looks only slightly better than the last hit of the studio — Red Dead Redemption 2. There is no tangible jump in the picture, but each frame is filled with a huge amount of details. It seems that Rockstar Games decided to expand the game exactly in scale, filling it with various micro elements. This, of course, does not mean that the visuals will not change at all. Already in the first video you can feel the real photorealism, although this effect is largely achieved thanks to the competent use of light and shadow.

The second point is the main characters. Numerous plums have been confirmed. We have two characters — Lucia and Jason. When the developers stated that their relationship will resemble Bonnie and Clyde, they meant the most direct meaning possible. Before us are not brother and sister or other relatives, but a pair of lovers.

Interestingly, the trailer opens with a scene with Lucia in jail. The girl is asked if she realizes what caused her to end up here, to which Lucia replies that she was just unlucky. Further shots put even more emphasis on the heroine, while Jason feels like a secondary character. Despite Rockstar Games' claims about the equivalence of their new stars, it seems that Grand Theft Auto 6 is a more female-centric take on the world of crime-ridden Vice-City.

The focus on the prison looks unusual. None of the main characters of GTA has not yet been shown in detention centers. Does this mean that a whole phase of the plot will take place in a colony? Besides, Lucia says that only she was unlucky, not "us". It looks like the developers may be taking a new approach to freely switching between the two protagonists when Lucia will be in prison and Jason is on the loose at the same time.

The fact that the lovers' plans will go wrong is indicated by a few more shots where Lucia says that they can only get out of this mess together, and then directly asks Jason if he trusts her. All of this against a backdrop of daring robberies. There is nothing more to suggest about the plot twists, we will wait for new information.

The city is a fairy tale

But they showed the updated Weiss City in details. If someone hasn't realized yet, the series will return to the beaches of its "Miami analog", which is directly indicated by the letters VICE in the video. What catches the eye is the "saturation of the crowd." There are plenty of NPCs in almost every frame, who look and move naturally and distinctively. It seems that the rumors about a new approach to working out the appearance and artificial intelligence of city dwellers are true.

It was immediately confirmed that the game will be large-scale and in terms of geography. Although we were not shown the map, the huge city and wildlife inserts speak for themselves. Besides, in the trailer you can notice a giant-sized highway on the bridge, stretching for dozens of kilometers. Probably, there will be several cities available.

A lot of attention in the trailer was paid to the social sphere. At least, confirmed full nightlife with clubs and casinos, as well as street racing straight from the early films of the series "The Fast and the Furious" (The Fast and the Furious), and therefore tuning. It looks like the gang system from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will return.

In the video made a special emphasis on the local analog of social networks, where people now and then post strange and funny crap. Here you can make several assumptions. First, the role of the internal Internet in GTA 6 will be significantly expanded. Perhaps there will be full-fledged social networks, where players will be able to maintain profiles and integrate their photos and videos into the general online world.

Secondly, this is a teaser of a brand new activity in the game. GTA has always been a slice-of-life series, showcasing everything relevant to the respective era. The opportunity to become a blogger fits in perfectly here. The race for subscribers, as one of the quest branches, looks more than real.

To confirm this theory, we can cite the shots with Lucia in an expensive dress, enjoying a ride on a convertible, as well as a shot with a girl next to a swimming pool on the roof of a skyscraper. What is this, if not the life of a celebrity?


GTA 6 is scheduled for release in 2025 on consoles. We're betting on the fall. Many more trailers will be released before then, which we'd love to break down for you. Stay tuned for updates.

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