Michael's actor from GTA 5 answers a question about his appearance in GTA 6

8 November 2023

Actor Ned Luke, who played Michael de Santa in GTA 5, became a part of today's news about GTA 6. According to the authoritative journalist Jason Schreier, a full announcement of the sixth part is expected to happen this week.

Right after the announcement, one of the fans decided to ask Ned Luke whether we should anticipate his appearance in the game. “It's a mystery”, the actor replied.

Steven Ogg and Shawn Fonteno, who played Trevor and Franklin, have not commented on the news yet.

It's worth noting that the developers might indeed add a small cameo. For example, in GTA 5, Johnny Klebitz from the expansion The Lost and Damned made a brief appearance. However, he was immediately killed by Trevor, so fans are probably hoping for something more optimistic.

If we are to believe the insider Tez2, the release of GTA 6 is planned for spring 2025. One of the features of the game could be ultra-realistic animations.

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