Insider revealed when GTA 6 might finally be announced. It could still happen this year

5 November 2023

Rockstar Games specialist insider TezFunz2 shared when GTA 6 might be announced. In addition, he revealed the approximate release date for the game.

According to him, the game's announcement will likely take place in late November or December of this year, coinciding with the company's anniversary (Rockstar Games will turn exactly 25 years old). If this doesn't happen, the game will be showcased in February 2024.

As for the release, the developers, according to TezFunz2, want to launch GTA 6 in the spring of 2025.

Remember, a GTA 6 page appeared on Metacritic earlier. Also, a Take-Two patent was found online, which may indicate one of the technical features of the project.

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