In GTA 6, there will be ultra-realistic character motion animation. This is evidenced by a Take-Two patent

31 October 2023

Despite the fact that GTA 6 has still not been officially announced, unofficial information about the game continues to appear online. It was recently revealed that the project will feature advanced technology that will allow for very realistic animation.

This conclusion was reached by some journalists who studied a patent application filed by Take-Two Interactive (the owner of Rockstar Games).

The patent talks about a dynamic system with a rich selection of character motion segments that can be combined into a full-fledged animated scene. This should provide more natural and diverse movements.

In addition, characters will move differently depending on situations — weather, energy level, or injuries.

Let's recall that earlier, an insider with the nickname Legacy Killa HD said that some GTA 6 developers do not yet want to announce the game because they fear pressure on them.

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