The insider revealed why some GTA 6 developers don't want to announce the game yet

29 October 2023

Lately, rumors about GTA 6 have been increasing rapidly. Many sources claimed that the project could be presented on October 26, but this did not happen. Recently, an insider with the nickname Legacy Killa HD revealed some interesting information on this matter.

He claims that opinions inside Rockstar Games about the announcement of GTA 6 are divided. Some developers do not want to show the game too early, so as not to increase pressure on the company. Probably, this is related to the fact that the project is still far from completion. The media, in turn, believe that because of this, the release of GTA 6 in 2024 is unlikely.

«Some developers want an announcement, but I know some don't. As far as I understand, still a lot of work to do and an announcement with an inevitable release window just adds pressure», — Legacy Killa HD reported.

It's worth noting that many of the details the insider claimed back in 2019 and 2020 were confirmed in a massive leak that occurred last year. In particular, he talked about one of the playable characters being a woman and the main action taking place in Vice City.

Recall, we previously published an article with a complete breakdown of all the information currently available about GTA 6.

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