Happy New Year from LibertyCity!

31 December 2021

Yep, December 31st is on the calendar, and we sincerely wish all LibertyCity users a Happy New Year!

In the past year, we alltogether has experienced so many events that it was simply impossible to tell about them in one article. Therefore, we have prepared a series of summaries. From big scandals and not the most pleasant news to wonderful mods and prizes.

This year has shown impressive numbers in the modding community. Dear creators! Continue to delight us with your mods, and in no case give up because of the strikes from Take-Two. Not even the largest corporation can rein in such a large fan community.

Dear players! Support your favorite authors using the donate button located under files in the modmakers' profiles. This support will be a great motivation to finish major modifications, because modders, unlike game developers, do not receive a salary.

By the way, speaking of game developers, we want to mention the launch of a small community within LibertyCity this year — Games and Devs, where former mod creators are working on their own games and share their work with each other. Its totally okay if you haven't heard of this community. But if you are interested in game development, join — developers chat in our Discord.

We've declared 2021 as the year of creators of modifications, and this task was successfully completed. We, of course, will continue to support the authors further — after all, this is the foundation of our site.

We want to declare new 2022 as the year of LibertyCity community that's a lot bigger than modding. It grows every year and we are working hard to make LibertyCity a great place for you. We're currently working on updates for old guides and addition of new ones so you can dive deeper into any of Rockstar Games' titles. Expect updates in the new year!

LibertyCity community isn't limited only by the site. We have official pages on VK and Telegram, where you can find some exclusive content. We also have a Discord server that grows with a great pace. Thank you for your interest! Have a Happy New Year!

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