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LibertyCity Mods Downloader Receives a Major Update

26 May 2023

LibertyCity Mods Downloader has been updated. The bot has received many new features, it works much more stable, and allows you to download mods for GTA and other Rockstar Games titles via Telegram as before.


  • Browse files by category and subcategory;
  • Search for files by name;
  • Ability to browse files with pictures in the LibertyCity design without leaving Telegram;
  • Added categories for new, author and exclusive files;
  • Added a link to upload your own files on LibertyCity and a feedback chat link for bug reports;;
  • Added VirusTotal anti-virus check when downloading files;
  • Donate buttons below files for those who have set it up in their LibertyCity profiles.

Subscribe to our official channel to use LibertyCity Mods Downloader. Please use the new version of the bot for security reasons!

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