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The Rockstar Games Social Club could have been hacked sfter GTA 6 and GTA 5 source code leaks

12 October 2022

Players report hacks of Rockstar Games Social Club accounts, which arose after the leak of GTA 6 and GTA 5 source code. This platform stores data about the characters and gangs that the player is a member of. Through it, the cloud saving function, the ability to install updates and purchase of game currency are available.

A GTAforums user with the nickname MCbcMC200 said that his Social Club account was stolen. The player contacted Rockstar support, the support team restored him, but it didn't last long. The account was hacked again, and the player was informed that two-factor authentication was disabled without his consent.

YouTuber GhillieYT reported that his team in GTA Online was removed, even two-factor protection did not help to protect the account.

It seems that a large-scale hacking of the platform is now taking place, and the hacker has gained access to the administration settings of each Social Club account.

Rockstar Games has not yet given comments on this.

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