GamesVoice Studio has shown how it creates Russian voiceover for the radio in GTA Vice City

18 October 2023

GamesVoice Studio is nearing the completion of the Russian voiceover for GTA Vice City. A video was recently released online showing the recording process for in-game radio lines.

«‎GamesVoice Studio invites you on a tour of the radio stations of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In a small twenty-minute clip, you will see how bright jingles, parody ads, and funny squabbles between the hosts were recorded. Discover a world that you might not even know existed if you played the English version, as there are no subtitles for this chatter», — it says in the description.

Here are some of the actors involved in the voiceover:

  • Ksenia Brzhezovskaya;
  • Mikhail Belyakovich;
  • Alexey Kostrichkin;
  • Mikhail Khrustalev;
  • Petr Ivaschenko;
  • Veronika Sarkisova;
  • Andrey Zaitsev;
  • Mikhail Tikhonov;
  • Sergey Ponomarev;
  • Anna Kiseleva.

Below is another video showing the Russian voiceover in GTA Vice City:

Meanwhile, new rumors about GTA 6 continue to appear online. For example, information about a possible trailer premiere date was recently revealed.

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