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GTA San Andreas for PlayStation Vita got a first update

24 February 2021

First update was released for PlayStation Vita port of GTA San Andreas. The game was ported to the console by TheFloW. Given this development is not connected to re3 and GTAModding, it is not affected by the latest GitHub blocks. It is a standalone San Andreas port based on the Android version of the game. The port just had update 1.1 released.

GTA San Andreas for PlayStation Vita got a first update

The following changes were made to the port:

  • Fixed Xbox 360 controls (PS3 icons are used);
  • Fixed melee combat;
  • Added target switch by pressing L2/R2;
  • Bike jump button remapped from double clicking X to L1;
  • Fixed rain and shadows rendering;
  • Enhanced loading times;
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the game;
  • Removed obsolete menu elements (from mobile version of the game)

GTA San Andreas for PlayStation Vita got a first update

The players note that the update improved performance and stability of the port. The port’s developer will further test the port for bugs and optimize it.

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