10 Best GTA San Andreas Mods for Android and iOS

29 August 2023

GTA San Andreas was launched on Android and iOS in December 2013. The release of the game on mobile devices introduced many players to the series, and also caused an explosion of modding. Since then, fans have created new cars, graphics and story modifications, the count of which goes into the many thousands.

The mobile version of the game is still today the most accessible and easy way to play GTA San Andreas. We have collected the top 10 mods for the iconic tittle on Android and iOS, which will enhance your gaming experience, diversify game mechanics and other aspects of the game.

PS2 to Mobile

GTA San Andreas for PlayStation 2 is appreciated by many fans for its special atmosphere. The mod PS2 to Mobile brings it back to the game. The project adds visuals, thick grass and reflections from PlayStation 2 to GTA San Andreas on mobile devices. It also fixes many bugs and flaws in the game.

Skip Any Mission

If you are faced with a boring or overly difficult mission in GTA San Andreas, then skip it c with the help of this script, which realizes a hidden feature of the developers. To skip missions you need to open the CLEO menu and choose skip mission.

Winter Mod

The Winter Edition 2020 mod is a good choice if you already want a winter vibe. It replaces all the textures of the game with snowy ones, changes the trees and the weather of the game. It is now snowing and blowing wind in the state of San Andreas. The mod is great for leisurely drives through the winter Los Santos and drifting on snowy tracks.

Left to San Andreas

Left to San Andreas is one of the best zombie mods for GTA San Andreas. The project is based on the original game's map, but adds hordes of zombies to it. We play as a random survivor who is looking for ammunition and food supplies, teaming up with other people. The character is threatened not only by zombies, but also by bandits who want to devour his possessions.

Realistic Effects

Next year GTA San Andreas will celebrate its 20th anniversary and the effects of the original game are already outdated. You can solve this problem by installing the mod which replaces all the standard effects with enhanced ones. Among them are fire, smoke, explosions, glare, headlights. Also modification adds to the game new clouds, leaves and other small things.

Soccer Mod

The new mod adds a new minigame to GTA San Andres on Andoid and iOS, in which CJ can play soccer on a street court. The match involves two teams: Grove Street and Ballas. The mod features several types of kicks.

New Vanilla Guns and Vehicles

GTA San Andreas fans have collected a mega-pack of new vehicles and weapons in the style of the vanilla game. In the modification there are all kinds of cars, motorcycles, airplanes. Some of them can be customized, all the cars can be repainted. The modpack requires only 36 megabytes of free space on your smartphone.


The modification adds a slow motion feature to GTA San Andreas. It is able to give you new emotions from the standard shootouts and explosions. Also the mod is great for creating clips on the game engine.

Visual Car Spawner

Sometimes the search for some car in GTA San Andreas takes forever. To make this task easier you can use the modification Visual Car Spawner. This is a handy spawner in which all the game's vehicles are divided by class.

Payphone Hits

The modification adds payphone missions to the game just like in GTA Vice City. The player's task is to eliminate the target taking into account the customer's wishes. For the fulfillment of the murder in a certain way you can get a bonus. There are six missions available in the mod, which are given in random order.


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