GTA Online Adds New Off-Road Vehicle and 10 Cayo Perico Races

11 August 2022

Weekly GTA Online update has been released. Rockstar Games continues to add content from The Criminal Enterprises DLC.

Today 10 new races on Cayo Perico have been added to the game, where you will get 2X GTA$ and RP. These are off-road races and the first content for the island for a long time.

Also there is a new all-terrain vehicle Declasse Draugur. It can be purchased from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for GTA$1.870.000 or a wholesale price of GTA$1.402.500.

Like the newest vehicle from the last week, Declasse Draugur has a very high-quality model and interior detailing. The prototype of the car is the Chevrolet Off-Road concept.

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