A possible teaser for GTA 6 and a hint at the game's location was found in NBA 2K24

9 September 2023

A possible teaser for GTA 6 was spotted in the basketball simulator NBA 2K24, which was released recently. Gamers found a banner in the game featuring the Roman numeral "VI" and palm trees. These could hint at the location of the action, which is rumored to be Vice City.

It's worth noting that the NBA 2K and GTA series both belong to the same company — Take-Two Interactive.

By the way, a batch of new rumors about GTA 6 appeared recently. In particular, information about its possible cost and some gameplay features has been revealed. For instance, gyms might be added to the game.

In addition, last week, the announcement and release dates for GTA 6 leaked online, but it's probably a fake created by AI.

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