Leak dates for the announcement and release of GTA 6 have surfaced online, but it's likely a fake created by AI

5 September 2023

Just recently, an audio recording was leaked online, allegedly featuring the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick, revealing the announcement and release dates for GTA 6. Interestingly, the recording has already been blocked on social network X (Twitter) due to a copyright claim.

The leak stated that GTA 6 would be announced on October 23, with the release happening exactly a year later (October 24).

Media outlets believe that the audio recording was likely created using AI capable of mimicking different voices.

What raised the most suspicion among many users is that instead of calling the game «‎GTA Six», Strauss Zelnick's voice on the recording literally says: «‎GTA vee (V) eye (I)». It's quite possible that the neural network made a mistake when generating the pronunciation of Roman numerals.

By the way, in August, insider Tez2 claimed that GTA 6 could indeed be announced in the coming months. However, there's been no official comment on this information so far.

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