GTA 5 gets fifth form of Shin Godzilla added through new mod - video

28 January 2024

YouTube channel TK REBIRTH has released a video showcasing a new mod for GTA 5 that brings the fifth form of Shin Godzilla from the movie into the game. In the video, the monster roams around Los Santos, destroying everything in its path.

The creature has several abilities, including atomic breath and more. The mod is available to subscribers of Khôi Michael on Patreon.

Previously, TK REBIRTH orchestrated a superhero battle in GTA 5 featuring Omni-Man from «Invincible» against Homelander from «The Boys» using mods.

As a reminder, GTA 5 continues to be one of the most popular games. For instance, in December, it topped the Twitch viewing charts.

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