Liquid nitrogen and helicopter blades: alternative endings found in GTA 5

26 December 2023

In the leaked files of GTA 5, another curious detail was found — descriptions of alternative final missions where Franklin was offered to kill Michael or Trevor. Judging by the read, the deaths of the characters were supposed to be even more brutal.

For example, Trevor was originally supposed to die after contact with liquid nitrogen, while Michael was supposed to be sliced by helicopter blades. There is no description of the third ending, where all the heroes survived. It is unclear whether a happy ending was planned from the start or added later.

"Franklin has decided to kill Trevor. He confronts him and ends up chasing him. Michael turns up and forces Trevor to crash into a Liquid nitrogen storage truck. Trevor is frozen and Micheal and smashes trevor with a 2x4. Franklin and Michael say their goodbyes," — description of the first ending.

"Franklin has decided to kill Michael. They meet out in the country. After a short chase with trains in the way, they reach a power plant. Here Michael is fleeing whilst every so of tne taking shots at franklin. Michael reaches the top of a tower, frnklin follows to the top. Michael ends up over the barrier whilst fighting franklin. Michael is then droped by franklin onto a police helicopter blade," — description of the second ending.

For comparison, here's how the endings look in the final version of the game.

Earlier in the leaked files, concept arts for Bully 2, a map of Liberty City, and a mention of a certain GTA: Tokyo were found.

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