GTA 5 source files have leaked. They contain early screenshots and mention of several DLCs

25 December 2023

The source code of GTA 5 has leaked online. It is likely that the leak is the responsibility of 18-year-old hacker Arion Kurtaj, who posted gameplay footage of GTA 6 in 2022.

According to the screenshots, the total size of the files is about 50 GB. Users have already found many details, including early screenshots.

  • Among the files, they found an old version of the map. It slightly differs from the final version;
  • It's possible that Rockstar planned to release several DLCs. The files mention the following add-ons: SP Assassination Pack, Manhunt Pack, Norman Pack, Agent Trevor, Relationship Pack, Enterprise Pack, Prologue DLC, LibertyV DLC;
  • Also found were mentions of new weapons: a harpoon, railgun, crossbow, jetpack;
  • A map of one of the locations for Agent, Rockstar's cancelled spy action game, was found;
  • One of the files belongs to the cancelled Bully 2. Rockstar worked on the sequel for some time, but later cancelled it;
  • Users found early screenshots of the cowboy action game. Most likely, it's the first Red Dead Redemption;
  • Mentions of RDR3 were found in the code. Is Rockstar actually making a threequel?

Online, it is believed that the leak could help not only modders but also cheat creators. The source files will surely lead to the discovery of new vulnerabilities, which will affect the online mode.

Previously, hacker Arion Kurtaj was sentenced to compulsory treatment in a secure hospital.

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