Leaked GTA 5 files reveal Liberty City map

25 December 2023

The online community continues to analyze today of GTA 5 source files. Users recently discovered a map of Liberty City within the files. We cannot publish the leak, but images can be found on the internet.

The leaked map is largely almost identical to the one from GTA 4 — you can take a closer look below. There are not many differences, but they are present: the map lacks the island with the Statue of Liberty, and the airport has altered runway layouts.

The leaked map is associated with a canceled expansion for GTA 5, which was supposed to add Liberty City. In today's leak, a mention of some DLC named LibertyV was found.

Rockstar has yet to comment on the leak. The company previously stated that an earlier leak, which revealed many details of GTA 6, cost them 5 million dollars.

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