A redditor cosplayed as the girl from the cover of GTA 5 and made it to the top on Reddit

23 September 2023

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of GTA 5, which the developers marked with gift giveaways in GTA Online, the redditor itsannjoy cosplayed as the girl from the game's cover. The post featuring the photo garnered hundreds of comments.

«This is effing incredible!!!!», — CollegeMiddle6841.

«You did it better than the original imo», — young_boss_s.

«Awesome! you look very similar to her», — DredgenZhigil.

«Careful, Lindsay Lohan might sue you», — Jarek-of-Earth.

«Wow really hot», — TasteMyThots.

«Great job», — angryfloppa.

«This is amazing! Great work, especially on the details! It’s like she came to life!», — Vaschik.

The post received over three thousand upvotes and made it to the top on the GTA subreddit.

Earlier, new gameplay footage of the «anime-style GTA» with graphics reminiscent of Genshin Impact surfaced online. Additionally, the collection of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition was temporarily made available for free to GTA+ subscribers.

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