New 10th anniversary bonuses and rewards for GTA Online availabe until September 27

21 September 2023

Today (September 21), a new in-game event is starting in GTA Online, during which gamers can expect various rewards and other bonuses. The event will last until September 27.

Here's what's available to players:

  • Alpine Hat;
  • Franklin's "The Homie" costume;
  • Michael's "The Retired Criminal" costume;
  • Trevor's "The Groupie" costume;
  • Weapon skins — Employee of the Month for Micro SMG, Suede Bucks for Carbine, and Uncle T for RPG;
  • 3X GTA$ and RP for taxi work;
  • 2X GTA$ and RP for a car shop robbery contract, exotic export, and overtime battle;
  • 3X LS CAR MEET REP in LS Car Meet Races;
  • 50% off LS Car Meet Merch Shop racing suits and Dinka Jester car;
  • 40% off auto parts, as well as Benefactor Stirling GT, BF Weevil, Grotti Brioso 300, and Vapid Clique cars;
  • 30% off Classique Broadway and Progen Tyrus cars;
  • Free Grotti Stinger (The Lucky Wheel) and Truffade Nero cars (you need to be in the top five in the LS Car Meet series three days in a row);
  • Premium race and weekly challenges — "Arms Race", "Foot of Mount Chiliad" and HSW (from Pacific Bluffs to Mount Gordo);
  • Test drives on Benefactor Stirling GT, Invetero Coquette BlackFin, Pfister Comet, Vapid Clique, Vapid Hustler, Annis RE-7B, Progen Tyrus, Dinka Jester, Hijak Ruston, Vapid Contender, and Grotti Turismo Classic cars.

The in-game event is timed to the 10th anniversary of GTA 5.

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