Car from Crysis 2 (beta)

28 August 2013 Files for modmakers
I wanted to pull this model out through the "Cry Engine 3", but why it did not work, then I decided to rip from the game itself this machine. This model only works Headlights, windshield, wheels and doors , Assuming that minuses will fly for this...

Borderlands 2 Some Models

31 December 2013 Files for modmakers
Rip some models from Borderlands 2. I pulled out the models a very long time, I had plans to convert them to GTA, but my hands did not reach it. I give as is: normal textures and Normal Maps, model in OBJ format and a scene from 3D Max.

Charger from "Ravaged"

Good day to all! I found on the Internet a model from "Ravaged" If someone can bring her to mind - please! • Textures: Diffuse Normal Map Spec_map • Formats: .obj .max .fbx .tga

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