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After using 3d ripper, many faced the problem of lost texture coordinates in "ripnutyh" models. However uv-coordinates did not disappear anywhere. They are present on the model, but are hidden from the eyes in a different from the 1st texture channel. To restore uv-coordinates for models from most games, I wrote a script for 3ds max, which is designed to solve the problem of "missing" uv.
The script is suitable for 3ds max any version from 9 to 2012. The figure in brackets means the uv channel from which the texture coordinates are restored. The name of the game does not mean anything, they are written in the script because these were the first games in which I found uv-coordinates in the appropriate channels (in parentheses).
After uv-coordinates are restored, try this method on several objects. It happens that in the same game the texture coordinates of different objects are in different uv channels. To define, choose different types of objects: If you are sure that this or that type of objects has the same uv-channel, then you can select a group (sometimes all) objects and click on the corresponding button.

ATTENTION: The script contains incomprehensible errors. Do not neglect multiple clicking on different (and the same) buttons. During the pressing of the button with the object, certain transformations take place, in which both modifiers and the built-in scripting language are involved and the beam from the Venus is reflected in the swamp gas.

It is interesting. There are games in which uv-coordinates are really lost. To get them you can try the following:

* "Rip" the object from the script scene;
* "Rip" the model from a different angle or other game location;
* Before the "rip" turn off all the effects leaving however the max. Detailing of objects;

Sometimes it also happens that 3d ripper does not cope and rips only pieces of level / object. Example Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

In some games, developers use animation (or their "background") texture coordinates. Example Bad Company 2. Not only that objects have different channels with coordinates (defined 6 and 8), so also the coordinates of some objects are biased / reduced. I have to straighten my hands.

It also happens that the coordinates can not be restored under any conditions (0.1%), there's nothing to be done.
UV Repair for for modmakers
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comment written on, 17 July 2015, 23:01
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Viktor Mor
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Проблему с UV координатами персов игры "Бумер Сорванные башни" этот скрипт не исправил. Жаль...
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comment written on, 21 August 2013, 18:09
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А есть скрипт для макса, чтобы модель или сцена импортировалась сразу с наложенными текстурами ?
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comment written on, 21 August 2013, 14:41
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Хороший скрипт, R +.
У меня бывает проблема с рипнутой тачки из "Crash Time 3", думаю этот скрипт справится с этой проблемой по восстановлении текстур на правильные координаты).

Сообщение отредактировал ganic 21.08.2013 в 14:43:05
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