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Re-textured Vice City v0.5

16 September 2014 GTA Vice City
The global modification to replace all the textures of the game to new higher quality and the most similar to the original. Most of the game textures were converted to analogs in high quality. In comparison with the previous version changed Almost...

New songs for Emotion 98.3

31 March 2014 GTA Vice City
Hallow! I'm Fernando Martinez New songs for Emotion 98.3 . Songs from the 80's with advertisements and DJ replicas. Tracklist: Cutting Crew - I've Been In Love Before Electric Light Orchestra - Another Heart Breaks Electric Light Orches...

New Graphics 2.5 for Vice City

27 December 2014 GTA Vice City
New Graphics - a mod to replace old GTA Vice City effects with new ones. Previous versions were called: Enb series for Vice City v2.1 and Real effects V.2. New settings for the Enb series and new textures for particle.txd changing the quality of the...

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