GTA 5 Intro

20 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
Torn video of the Xbox 360 version of the game! Envelope video in the best quality! Replaces the standard!

Pegassi Vacca from GTA V

24 April 2014 GTA San Andreas
Pegassi Vacca from GTA V Features: - There are damages; - Qualitative model; - Quality interior; - Quality tires and wheels; - Full serviceability in SA: MP.

GTA 5 Rifle Night and Thermal Vision MOD

19 January 2014 GTA San Andreas
Greetings to all! The idea of ​​creating this script came a long time ago, when I was playing in GTA 5. But I did not do it for some reason. Then, when I decided to do it, he refused to work. Many thanks to xXx2o1o, for helping to create it! ...

Store interior from GTA 5 for GTA ViSA BETA 3.2

23 April 2016 GTA San Andreas
This mod adds a Shop interior from GTA 5 for GTA ViSA BETA 3.2. The store is behind Franklin's house. Work on the interiors will continue. Who likes it - put likes, subscribe to the channel and comment, and also share in VC. Here's the video:...

GTA SA vs. GTA 5

11 November 2011 GTA San Andreas
The video provided by CreativityZone is striking in its similarity. Each part is worked with very high accuracy. GTA 5 vs. GTA SA First of all, GTA 5 was started to compare with GTA: SA. Here is one example of comparisons with the most acc...

AK-47 from GTA 5 v.1

29 October 2012 GTA San Andreas
AK-47 from GTA 5 (trailer) to replace ak47 This is the first version, soon there will be either a second or a final version, as I will bring to mind. Quality model and texture. New icon. New sounds (I advise you to replace, because sounds tu...

GTA 5: Review from Game Informer [ENG] [DOC]

9 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
The long-awaited book about GTA 5! Here missing pages are added!

Gta 5 missions

13 December 2012 GTA San Andreas
GTA 5 has not yet come out, but you have the opportunity to play it. The essence of missions will not be told, because it will not be interesting to pass. Features of the mod: AK-47 from the first trailer, in missions there are dogs, there are soun...

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