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DLC garage from GTA online absolutely new transport + pier with cutters 2.0

18 February 2015 GTA San Andreas
New version of my mod DLC for GTA San Andreas. This time the mod is more global, about everything in order: 1) In the center of Los Santos there will be a garage "likeness" GTA online 2) In this garage absolutely new transport will appear, on new...

GTA Online Interface

16 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
Those who watched geypleyn, or played in GTA V and GTA Online, I think noticed that the interface is not much different. After installing this mod, the interface will be the same as in GTA Online. And also I will advise to download Addition from Rit...

Player.img from GTA Online (Female)

16 November 2015 GTA San Andreas
Good day! My name is Fastik, and this is the replacement of CJ by the player (Female) from GTA Online. Maybe someone will come in handy. Bugs with the character not found. VIDEO:

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