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MoonLoader 0.27

22 September 2019 GTA San Andreas
Moonloader is a mod for GTA San Andreas, aiming to become a complete modern replacement for CLEO. It brings the ability to load Lua scripts into the game, has all the functionality of the game opcodes, the CLEO library, the SAMPFUNCS plugin, and adds...

GTA V Western Company Cuban 800

27 January 2016 GTA San Andreas
Western Company Cuban 800 is a light two-engined aircraft. One of my favorite planes in Pyatorka =) I hope you will like it, too. - replaces Beagle; - their own collision and shadow; - component LOD: body, chassis, screws; - CLEO script ...

Knife or katana

29 November 2017 GTA San Andreas
This script was written for the fashion GTA Hitman, now it is as a separate glue script. To throw a knife or a katana, you need to press "Sight" + "Sprint", when this weapon is in the hands of CJ-I. You can throw not only standing, but also dur...

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