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Zombie Apocalypse

21 March 2012 GTA San Andreas
I know that zombie themes, perhaps, many have become boring and bored. However, I think you should play this mission. In general, the zombie apocalypse began, it is unclear because of what (whether the virus, or the environment). The first infectio...

Zombie apocalypse v2.3

24 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
Zombie mod from the foreign scripter ZMA. In a fashion 16 cards in which there are features. Multiplayer system for zombies and for humans. The modification can be freely distributed by specifying the author.

Zombie v 0.1

12 November 2011 GTA San Andreas
The small town of Fort Carson has now become a place for zombies You appear there in the beginning, with weapons and new clothes. There are no people's bases, and you are alone in the city, you have to look for weapons. You can survive - F4, thr...

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