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Ragdoll GTA 5

28 March 2020 GTA San Andreas
Ragdoll mod with settings close to GTA 5. - The pedas don't break; - Animations look, relatively, believable; - The CJ’s script does not apply.

GTA 5 Rifle Night and Thermal Vision MOD

19 January 2014 GTA San Andreas
Greetings to all! The idea of ​​creating this script came a long time ago, when I was playing in GTA 5. But I did not do it for some reason. Then, when I decided to do it, he refused to work. Many thanks to xXx2o1o, for helping to create it! ...

Store interior from GTA 5 for GTA ViSA BETA 3.2

23 April 2016 GTA San Andreas
This mod adds a Shop interior from GTA 5 for GTA ViSA BETA 3.2. The store is behind Franklin's house. Work on the interiors will continue. Who likes it - put likes, subscribe to the channel and comment, and also share in VC. Here's the video:...

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