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New Timecyc for SA Beautiful Realistic Graphics 1.5

30 May 2013 GTA San Andreas
Please read the description carefully! After I downloaded SA Beautiful Realistic Graphics 1.5, it seemed to me that the timecycle was too dark and contrasting. Just a good old timecycle from my last ENB, while practically not making any changes to ...

SA Beautiful Realistic Graphics 1.5

27 May 2013 GTA San Andreas
Special tuning, which is sharpened for multiplayer SA: MP and MTA. Correctly tuned SSAO and Reflections, a beautiful time cycle and an anomorphic shaders, will make your game graphics just candy. Note!! - Setup for powerful PCs, works in SA: MP, ...

Beautiful Realistic Graphics 1.7

27 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
New ENB SERIES from Russian developers. Makes the game more realistic. Features: - Excellent tuned SSAO and Reflections. - Beautiful Timecyc and anomorphic shaders. - Sharpened by SA: MP and MTA

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