Lada Priora

21 December 2012 GTA San Andreas
Lada Priora Stock for GTA San Andreas. Features: - Stock model with a small tuning; - HQ texture; - HQ salon; - 3D engine; - Subwoofer in the trunk.

Lada Priora 2172

18 July 2011 GTA San Andreas
High-quality machine for GTA SA with excellent graphics and detail in the game!

Lada 110 and Lada Priora SE Speedometer 4x3 Version

4 March 2013 GTA San Andreas
Version for monitors 4x3! Scales Lada Priora SE 4x3 Version + Lada 2110 4x3 Version By popular demand, I made a version for monitors with a 4x3 aspect ratio (1024x768, 1280x1024, etc.). I was tested only on 1 computer, and not by me, there...

Lada Priora SE scales

20 June 2013 GTA San Andreas
!!! ONLY FOR WIDE-FORMAT MONITORS. I tested only in 1680 * 1050. On ordinary 4 * 3 monitors will look like an egg. !!! Scales Lada Priora SE -New shooter, precisely adjusted on the scale -Improved display on a white background -Clear minor fla...

Lada Priora Light Tuning with native panel

In 2007, sales began of the first-born of the Priora family with a sedan body. Its strengths include a powerful 98-horsepower engine that meets the requirements of the Euro-3 standard, tuned for Russian roads suspension, power steering. The interior ...

LADA NIVA 21213-winter

10 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Easy tuning - and on the Neva at once and look nicer, and ride more interesting .. Features: - Clear body parts, with a beautiful shine. - High-quality illumination of rear dimensions, stop lamps and headlights. - Ability to insta...

VAZ-2170 "Priora"

13 January 2010 GTA San Andreas
The car LADA PRIORA (project 2170), which replaces the "top ten", was first presented at the 6th Russian International Motor Show "Avtosalon-2003". This sedan class "C", the basic model of a new family of front-wheel drive vehicles, developed on the ...

Priora Lada-2170 IVLM 2.0

5 June 2013 GTA San Andreas
Priora Lada-2170 IVLM 2.0 The model is assigned under IVLM 2.0 and has: - Working lights of a backing; - Work lights; - Work lamps, dashboard; - Qualitative model; - HQ salon; - Stock body; - Good damage. Installation: Replace all ...

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