Time to Hate!

12 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
Weak is unlikely to dare to Hate . Hate - this is a pretty dangerous weapon. It can only be used by someone who is really strong. • The permission to take the skin as a base from DaFe is • No bugs with hands (clenched into fists) M...

Big time and Future foundation

6 November 2011 GTA San Andreas
Alternative costumes from the game spider man edge of time. A great time (2099) and the foundation of the future (AMAZING).

Sleep - SLEEP TIME ver2.3

21 December 2012 GTA San Andreas
Here is the second version of my script "DREAM". Now you can sleep in all the houses available to you! Russian version is available (thanks Vano1995Rutko For help) --------------------------------------- Management: ---...

Quick Time Events and Realistic grabbing (v2.0)

4 December 2011 GTA San Andreas
This system is known for many games, one of the most famous - God of War. The system consists in that in some situations the player needs to press a key or a combination of keys to perform some action, for example, to be saved. I added this syste...

Dodge Charger R / T 1969 "Out A Time"

24 January 2012 GTA San Andreas
The first on the Internet is an adequate alteration of Chartera, which has no analogues, in the style of BTTF. The model has many new details. Clickable: ...

Sleep - SLEEP TIME ver. 1.0

11 December 2012 GTA San Andreas
Now in GTA SA you can sleep at home, on a comfortable bed! In the house CJ, stand in the red marker then choose the right time: 30 minutes 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours 12 hours Sleep on health! P.S. In the second version of the ...

Eddie - Somewhere In Time

22 February 2013 GTA San Andreas
I decided to make the character of my dreams. We present to you: Eddie, the mascot of the British heavy metal band "Iron Maiden". It took several days to work. Everything was created completely from scratch, like the model and the texture. More about...

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