Dagger GTX

26 August 2018 GTA San Andreas
Dagger GTX is a mixture between Oldsmobile 442 and Buick Skylark. Something similar you can notice in the game Driver 2. It was this game that inspired us to make this car in SA style. The model replaces the Saber. Enjoy!

Gta Underground Snapshot 3.3.3

10 September 2018 GTA San Andreas
Gta Underground is a mod that combines the 3D-era universe on the GTA San Andreas engine and adds all the functions from their respective games. In advance I will tell - UGMP in this update is not present List of changes: • Changed the l...

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Remastered

28 January 2016 GTA San Andreas
Hello everyone. This modification corrects your GTA:SA makes it so - what it should be from the beginning.What's new in it:- The atmosphere and the graphics are PS2 - Shadow of the Remastered version of the game running in "RealTime"- HD Font with Ru...

Project DirectX ReMastered

7 April 2015 GTA San Andreas
Project DXT-R (DirectX Tests - ReMastered) includes three configurations according to the ones that were presented in the video reviews of the original DirectX. Since the test versions themselves were lost, this project implements an attempt to r...

Remastered Vanilla Graffiti HQ

18 October 2015 GTA San Andreas
A set of vanilla graffiti performed in remastered-quality. Note : 1. Backups of original graffiti in the kit. 2. Detailed installation instructions are included. Q: Sets of a similar plan already exist (and ...

Remastered Logo HD

30 January 2016 GTA San Andreas
This modification changes the standard intro of the logos of Rockstar North and Rockstar Games to a better version of the Xbox360 / PS3 version of the game. In contrast to the past 640x480 intro intro it is now much better and has a resolution of 124...

Radar Icons HQ Remastered

3 February 2016 GTA San Andreas
The idea is to remake the original radar icons (and some other things from hud.txd) in high quality, as close as possible to the original look. This mod is perfect for you if you want your SA to closely approximate the original look, but with hig...

Remastered Effects

10 December 2016 GTA San Andreas
Mod replaces most of the effects in the game. Textures of poor quality. Everything can be seen on screenshots and on video. Requires CLEO 4.

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Моделька ТОП!
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IMHO, but previous it's better)))
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Great model. Thank you for your birthday present
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