Blista Compact from Manhunt

23 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
Envelope Blista Compact from the game Manhunt. I once saw a similar model on gtagarage, but there was Blista from Vice City with details from Manhunt, and I decided to make my version. It turned out a full envelope (the only non-native part is the en...

GTA IV Blaster Compact

15 May 2015 GTA San Andreas
Features: - The model supports the basic functions of the game; - Envelope from GTA 4. - Fixed bugs; - Adjusted reflections; - Its shadow; - Customized mud textures.

Blista Compact Type R

25 December 2013 GTA San Andreas
Features: - IV engine. - IV interior. - IV wheel textures. - HD / HP wheels. - HD / HP spring suspension. - Headlights and stop signals are redesigned. - 4 painting works.

Smakkie Mod v2

28 April 2010 GTA San Andreas
Another global modification, adding to the game a huge amount of new transport. Below, the model to be replaced is indicated first, and the "-" indicates the new model that replaced the vehicle. New cars: ZR-350 - Mazda RX-7 VeilSide...

GTA San Andreas MOD CARS

8 July 2010 GTA San Andreas
GTA San Andreas MOD CARS Replaces all auto, moto, cycling. Installation: Better at net GTA San Andreas 1.Save (you can rename) files from the root folder of the game: Gta3.img (subfolder models), Carcols.dat, handling.cfg, vehicles.ide (su...


9 December 2011 GTA San Andreas
Here it is, the car of your dreams. And do not say that this is nonsense. I know. Replaces: Blista Compact. Two options for installation - manual and automatic. In the folder Bonus There is a surprise.

VAZ 2170 SE Suite

7 February 2013 GTA San Andreas
VAZ 2170 SE Suite for GTA SA. The file replaces: Blista Compact. Features of the model: - The model supports all the main functions of the game; - Realistic headlight light. - Better texture of headlights; - Native dashboard with illuminatio...

Student (VAZ 2108) [SA style]

14 October 2016 GTA San Andreas
! DISCLAIMER! I did not seek to make the model a copy of VAZ 2108, because This model will have to become part of the GTA universe, and real machines do not appear there. I represent you a kind of teaser of a new global fashion. Fashion is only...

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The vehicle is not bad, a reimagining of the classic Blista C. I don't really appreciate the interior design, that steering wheel seems to lack tone, like the dashboard. Maybe you've slightly overss SA's style. Otherwise it's a good job
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