Snowman (sculp snowman for GTA)

31 December 2014 GTA San Andreas
Happy New Year! So I decided to contribute to the New Year's contest! This year in my city not so much snow fell and I have not seen a single snowman on the streets, so I decided to make this mod. Modification allows you to blind your s...

GTA SA - Jetpack with Miniguns

7 July 2016 GTA San Andreas
A new mod from AGUIA X2 called "Jetpack with Miniguns" for GTA SA. It will allow you to shoot two "miniguns" from a rocket knapsack. To activate the mod you need to: 1) carry a satchel (or "stupidly" enter the cheat code into it), 2) to activ...

Leviathan with magnet (Leviathan with magnet)

25 May 2020 GTA San Andreas
A small script that allows you to somehow interact with the helicopter Leviathan - on others this script does not work. What is his chip? It allows you to activate a magnet on the helicopter, just like in a mission "Up, up and away!" . ...

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