Fish in a Barrel (DYOM 8.1)

11 June 2015 GTA San Andreas
According to one of the players' guesses, the mission of Fish in a Barrel at the beta stage was full, not just one cutscene. From these guesses, I tried to make this mission based on DYOM 8.1 Guessing, CJ was supposed to pick Ran Pha Lee from th...

The Sandman in a gas mask

29 January 2012 GTA San Andreas
Sandman in a gas mask from the game Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3.

Olympic City Street

4 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Instead of immediately describing the mod, I'd rather talk a little about how it was done. As it often happens, the mod appeared simply from the idea: often, playing various racing games, I noticed that the locations in them are so good and picturesq...

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