Reagan - Machine for weak PCs  
Reagan - Machine for weak PCs for GTA San Andreas
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Category: Files for GTA San Andreas
Section: VehiclesNew GTA SA style Vehicles
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Reagan for GTA San Andreas.
Based on a green car that can be found in landfills in GTA VC, GTA SA and Manhunt

- Lq model.
- SA texture.
- Its count and shadow.
- Your settings.
Reagan - Machine for weak PCs for GTA San AndreasReagan - Machine for weak PCs for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #2
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Beautiful ENB Series For Medium PC

22 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
A beautiful graphical setting for medium-sized computers, for SA: MP without any frills. P.S. If you do not like SA: MP, then this is not a reason to put a minus! Features: - Realistic reflections on the car; - Good color s...

SA_Nvidia for medium pc video

19 September 2014 GTA San Andreas
And so, I want to introduce you - SA_ Nvidia for medium pc Supported by samp / mta The release is scheduled in 2 - 3 days. In the meantime, I'll post only a video, I want to see your comments. If that setting changes a bit, it's up to you. ...

SA_Nvidia for medium pc

20 September 2014 GTA San Andreas
Sa_ Nvidia for medium pc. ------------------------------------------------- * The setting is supported in samp / mta. * Bloom (SAGE) * Water removed (for performance) * Removed ssao (for performance) --------------------------------------...

ENB For Low PC

24 December 2012 GTA San Andreas
ENB for very weak computers of weak computers! As far as I know, any ENB, reduces FPS, only this one does not really reduce - so I post it! Features: Glare from the sun; Colormod; Effect.txt (shader effects); New weather; Configured fo...

Amazing effect for low PC

27 June 2013 GTA San Andreas
For a long time I've been playing with these effects and decided to share with you. Effects are much more beautiful than standard ones, while the computer loads less. The big plus is that there is not a huge column of dust behind the car, shooting on...

ENB For Tweak PC

18 August 2014 GTA San Andreas
Everyone wants to create a beautiful enb, many create, but they forgot the main thing-performance. I want to introduce you to a weak machine, many may like it, it was tested by a friend on such a PC AMD Anthlon II X2 2.5 GHZ AMD Radeon 3570 512 M...

ENB for slime PC

3 September 2012 GTA San Andreas
This ENB is designed primarily for weak PCs. In the configuration there are: - Reflections - water - bump (half an hour with him fumbled) Shadows decided not to include, since they have a lot of FPS gobbling up

ENB for LOW pc by qwert123

15 September 2013 GTA San Andreas
ENBSeries by qwert123 -------------------------------------------------- Features: - Qualitative timescale; - Perfectly tuned Color Mod; - Performance in SAMP / MTA; - Detailing of skins; - New particle (tire tracks, water, etc); - It g...

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comment written on, 3 February 2019, 11:17
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The most huge barge I have ever seen. I'll try this trough.
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comment written on, 30 January 2019, 21:15
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Great car, I think I'll take it !!!!
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