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SA-MP Addon 1.33

2 July 2014 GTA San Andreas
A new version of SA-MP Addon 1.33 has been released! Playing sounds in Esc from SA-MP Addon is transferred to the radio section Description: SA-MP Addon - an additional add-on over SA-MP increasing and expanding its capabilities and...


12 May 2013 GTA San Andreas
TT-33 - the legendary pistol of the Second World War, A rarity in GTA, so I decided to make my own. - HD texture - quality model - its own icon (GTA SA style) This time I will not say that the model of the hand position is excellent, because in...

Landstalker Technical

31 May 2018 GTA San Andreas
Two-year-old project, spread on request Mishka95 . Easy adaptation of the standard Landstalker. In fact, the part of the body has been removed, the painting of the wheels has been changed, extras have been added (grille or glass in place of...

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