TXDFucker 0.6b build # 379  
TXDFucker 0.6b build # 379 for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android)
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TXDFucker - proostenkaya program for viewing and editing the texture cache of mobile versions of GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. The name it owes to the TXD format lost on these devices, due to the lack of which many modmakers are forced to use this format.

Key chips

The standard set of actions "Create-Open-Import-Rename-Delete" will not explain. Let's dwell on more specific actions:

- Alias ​​/ Original
The cache supports the creation of aliases of textures, i.e. Something like a shortcut. If you need to get a copy of the texture already in the archive, but with a different name - create an alias. Accordingly, the texture for which the alias was created is called the original. In the cache parameters Original and Alias ​​were called 'Affiliate' and 'Sibling', but, in my opinion, my version will be clearer to users.

- Details
Promised Rockstar Games improved textures are made by the original way for GTA: The most detailed textures (or 'detail') are in the gamemisc-cache, respectively, you can set the texture of the overlay for any of its textures with this item. In order to see the changes it is necessary to include high effects in the graphics settings of the game.

- Categories
Categories are convenient for viewing, but, most likely, this ends their function. The names of the textures in the cache are global, but the category in which this or that texture is located does not affect the game at all. However, at 4PDA several people wrote to me in a personal note about this, that I decided to make this a simple possibility.

- DFF Check
An uncomplicated feature, similar to the one from TXD Workshop and RW Analyze. For those who are not in the subject - I will explain here that you can check whether all textures from the model (DFF-file) exist in TXD.
+ By the way, instead of DFF, you can download TXD (in PC format);
+ You can see the structure of RenderWare Stream like RW Analyze;

- TXD Import
Import from TXD. Those. Just as when exporting to PNG and then importing, it's just faster.
*) For convenience, the preview of the current texture can be seen in the main window of the program;
*) When loading TXD, the textures not found in the cache are marked with darks;
*) If you click on the title of the window, you can save the current texture;
*) You can also see the structure of RenderWare Stream like RW Analyze;
*) Textures will be imported into the current category or category of the current texture;

For users of NIGHT-builds, you can output the trace to the console via the Help menu, but in this case, the program will become even slower (yes, much slower).

To start, you need:

- Windows XP SP2 and higher (more precisely, you need support for GDI +);
- Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package (2008 or higher);

For 200 builds you may need:

- Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package 2012 x86;

Latest version:
- http://gta.nick7.com/programs/txdfucker/latest.html
The latest stable version:
- http://gta.nick7.com/programs/txdfucker/stable.html

Also read:

- Installing modifications to the Android version of GTA San Andreas
TXDFucker 0.6b build # 379 for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android)TXDFucker 0.6b build # 379 for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #2TXDFucker 0.6b build # 379 for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #3TXDFucker 0.6b build # 379 for GTA San Andreas (iOS, Android) - screenshot #4
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