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GTA SA 2.00 + ANDROID 11 FIX + FLM 6.0

[RUS]This APK fixes the annoying GTA SA crash in the latest Android 11. updateThanks to Fastman92 and its limit adjuster, this bug has been fixed.The APK already has Fastman92LimitAdjuster 6.0 installed, there will be no problems running it on Androi...

CLEO GTA SA 2.0 without Root rights

The long-awaited version of Gta SA 2.0 with an embedded Cleo has finally been released. And this is not a fake 1.08. Owners of powerful devices (based on Nougat, Oreo, Pie or Android 10) can say goodbye to artifacts and crashes every 5 minutes of the...

GTA SA Save (iOS, Android)

100% passed game. Passed all the missions (both main and side), the sympathy of the girls at the maximum, captured all areas, bought all the clothes, bought all the property, painted all the graffiti, collected all oysters and horseshoes, made all th...

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