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HD Weapons Pack for GTA SA Android / iOS

11 January 2017 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
A pack of high-quality weapons for the GTA San Andreas Anroid / iOS version. Some weapons have their own icons, as well as additional coloring List of replaced weapons: 1. AK74M 2. Brassknucle 3. Baseball Bat 4. Cane 5. Chainsaw 6. Colt M191...

Switch characters like in GTA 5 (Final)

GTA V Character Switch for MobileNow you can switch between characters, as in GTA 5. The following characters are available: Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder. There is also an effect like in GTA 5.To switch you need to select a character and press "3".

Selfie spawner

The file was deleted from the archive due to the fact that there was a small number of screenshots. If you want to download the glue-script on the PC version, then . Krash allowed me to download this glue-script to the site: Cleo-scrip...

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